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The committed singing choir, the brilliant orchestra under Ivan Repušić and four excellent soloists stage the clip with pleasure. The consolation that the work should donate is manifested in the yes to life, in song. The changes of affect that the ensemble is implementing in ever new layers of sound are furious.

Kuljerić has created a space for the memory of Catholic Mass rites, written in Glagolitic script, sung in Croatian.

                           Suddeutsche Zeitung

Performances / News

25 Jul 2020

60th Musical Evenings in St Donat

Women's Voices for the Islands


Croatian RTV Choir performing

SEA  for Girls Choir

18 Sept 2020

Ivana Summer Percussion Festival



INK Experiment duo performing

BAROCCHIANA for Marimba and Percussion

Choral OuvertureIgor Kuljeric
00:00 / 12:16
CantusIgor Kuljeric
00:00 / 11:44
Three Roumanain songs La DrumIgor Kuljeric
00:00 / 03:12

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