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"Very few opuses in Croatian music of the second half of the XX century display such a diversity of musical forms, genres, functions, techniques and styles as does the work of Igor Kuljerić. In his prolific and diverse opus, he showed striking maturity in terms of technique as well as a decisively self-confident attitude towards the inherited music achievement".

"...incandescent et poignant...remarquablement orchestrée...subtile dans le dessin mélodique...splendides masses orchestrales et vocales..."

Diapason, découverte jan. 21

"Kraftvolle Bilder"

                           Suddeutsche Zeitung

"un'opera altamente suggestiva, in grado di raggiungere esiti di intensa spiritualità e accenti di grande emotività...l'originalità di una partitura che sembra avvicinare idealmente tra loro passato e presente, memoria e tradizione, fantasia e realtà..."


"...deeply moving..."

                           MusicWeb International

"...very emotional music...a truly outstanding work..."


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KANCONIJER  & choral pieces

Symphony Orchestra and Choir of the Croatian RTV

CD Kanconijer by Igor Kuljeric

POP CONCERTO for Trumpet and Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra of the Croatian RTV
Vedran  Kocelj - trumpet
Pavle Zajcev - conductor

CD Trumpet concerto by Igor Kuljeric

...Kuljerić's composition intrigues with his play between (quasi) classical treatment and pop overtones, whith an appealing repetitiveness serving as a
...the soloist needs great skill to impose his own beat when jamming with the symphony orchestra and the trumpeter who succeeds will have a real concert showstopper in his hands...B. Špoljarić

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