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Year composed

Scored for



Concertino, for strings (Zagreb, FEB 20 1962, RTZ Symphony Orchestra Strings, conductor: Stjepan Šulek

10 minutes




Premiered in Zagreb, OCT 5 1964, RTZ Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Pavle Dešpalj

Program notes

original: Koncertna uvertira

“The Concert Overture was composed in 1963 during my studies of classical composition at the Zagreb Academy of Music with Prof. Stjepan Šulek. The elements that accompanied the creation of this work followed the currents that seem completely clear and understandable to me from today's perspective. First, it was the need to experience the symphony orchestra in its traditional setup, and secondly, there was my passionate sympathy for the important composers of symphonic form of the twentieth century, that a composer in his youthful curiosity can hardly bypass: Hindemith, Šostakovič, Bartok. This composition, along with later composed ballet music, was important for my self-awareness as a composer, a secure port from which I could drift towards the new experiences.

Concert Overture was built out of an interval sequence, using the colors of orchestral sound, with more emphasis on Concert then Ouverture, Music for Orchestra could be another suitable title” (I.K. 1967)

"This is concert music for the standard orchestra setup where espressivo lines and marcato clusters are controlled by the form itself. It has important rhythmical features and elements of original folklore hidden in the use of modal structures...." (I.K. 1985)

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