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4(4= Picc).4.4(3= E♭.Cl.).4(4= Cbsson)./ 4. 3. 3. 1. / 3 Perc. Timp. Kbd. 2 Hp/ Strings
Sequences: 2.2.2./4.1.1./Perc.Tmp./Strings/ 4. 3. 3. 1. / 3 Perc. Timp. Kbd. 2 Hp/ Strings

10 minutes/11 minutes


Continuazioni premiered in Zagreb, SEPT 10 1970 Zagreb, Philharmonic, conductor: Milan Horvat

Sequences premiered in Graz, Musikprotokoll, SEPT 26 1968,  RTZ Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Krešimir Šipuš

00:00 / 09:15

Program notes

original: Continuazioni/Sekvence
Both pieces were also used as music for several contemporary dance projects during the 70ies.
Continuazioni for Zagreb Dance Ensemble and Sequences for the project In the Beginning there was rhythm of the Contemporary Dance Studio Zagreb.

"Continuazioni uses the words "continuo" and "azioni" to reflect on the relationship between various sound durations, between action and contemplation, stopping and moving." The author combines graphic and traditional writing, experimenting with the sound of extended orchestra which he will develop further in the pieces that followed.
Sequences  is a succession of soundscapes that include different levels of improvisation, musically and philosophically based on the principles of contrast./Sekvence

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