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Flute and VIbraphone

9 minutes


Arranged by Ivana Kuljerić Bilić for flute and vibes, premiered by Ivana Kuljerić Bilić, vibes and Ana Domančić, flute in Aqui Terme on OCT 8 2001

00:00 / 09:07

Program notes

Original: Dessin


The piece belongs to the part of Kuljerić's opus that draws from the rich layers of Glagolitic and Mediterranean refrains and music patterns.

The piece belongs to his later phase, when the author, after intensively experimenting with the Avant-garde writing returns to reflect on the tradition. In the beginning it was a shy whirl in the subconscious, later erupting with the force of the mature master composer in some of his most important works like the Croatian Glagolitic Requiem

Dessin respects all the characteristics of the chamber music genre. The virtuosic flute part floats over ostinato „klangenfarbe” of the piano. The moments of Dionysian ecstasy alternate with a choral of archetypal beauty.

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