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Year composed


Scored for



26 minutes

3 (3= Picc). 3 (3= En. H.).3(3= B.Cl.). 3(3= Cbsson). / 4. 3. 3. 1. / 3 Perc. Timp. Kbd. / strings



One act ballet, scenario was created by the composer himself - final graduation work performed in a concert version at the Zagreb Music Academy on JUN 7 1965. The work was awarded at the Radio Ljubljana Ballet Festival in 1968 but never used for a staged performance. Adapted to Ballet Suite I. Revised.

Ballet Suite I excerpt 1
00:00 / 16:38
Ballet Suite I excerpt 2
00:00 / 19:08

Program notes

The basic aesthetic premise of this compositional period was reflected in the resolute rejection of musical narration as a procedure in the construction of sound, my main concern being the search for objectified expression. Today when I a look at my "early works", I see elements of later development on different levels, authentic procedures that will later become very relevant under various names such as “new simplicity” or “minimal-art”. I was also influenced by the colorful orchestration techniques of Bartok and Stravinsky.

SKETCH SCRIPT FOR BALLET “news… latest news“ ”

I. Open space in a big city. The play of flashing lights and the increasingly dense movements of people begin. It seems like a ritual of one mechanism repeated from evening to evening… Intensity increases…

II. Newsboy - shouts out the most attractive titles of the evening editions. He acts like the main "sorcerer" of that great carousel.

III. Spot-1: Grotesque couple. Newsboy is having fun!

IV. Spot-2: Three guys. Showing off their new “stunts”.

V. Spot-3: Weirdo.

YOU. Spot-4: Girl. A seductive game!

VII. Movements culminate before the final discharge of intensity and dissolution. The newsboy doesn’t want the mechanism to stop: flashbacks that he reruns for himself ...

VIII. The space is at the end – almost empty! The newsboy is alone… The last actor

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