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Year composed


Scored for

2 actors/Choir/3 3=Picc).3.3.3./ Perc.2 Kbd.2 Hp./Strings


35 minutes




text: Hanibal Lucić, Ivan Bunić Lučić, from the collection of Nikša Ranjina
First version with the title "Leute moj" (My little boat) premiered in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Summer Festival 1978
Second version Zagreb, 1983, Symphony Orchestra and Choir of RTZ, conductor: Igor Kuljerić
Revised: Zagreb OCT 25 2001 Simfonijski orkestar HRT, conductor: Igor Kuljerić)

Program notes

original title:  Kanconijer , Leute moj

The libretto is based on the Selection of XVI and XVII Century poetry from South Croatia, entitled Poems of Difference, selected by the director Božidar Violić (one of Kuljerić's close collaborators). It is a curious in-between of the Renaissance and the Baroque period, whose relationship is “comparable to the relations of dawn and dusk. It is a period of unimaginable development of individual self-awareness and poetry followsits curvy path, from the awakening to the deep doubts and renouncement. ”As the composer himself says, the title of the composition indicates the intertwining of music, reciting and singing. The music combines moments of deliberately simplified homophonic patterns to be later extended to complex polyphony. Spoken voices (actor and actress) present the text. Singing voices interpret individual and symbolic and metaphorical creatures (soprano-fairy, alt-nymph, tenor-troubadour, baritone-satyr). They are extending the time for the words, using vocalizations and sequences in a sort of a musical ritual. The choir is entrusted with a complex role: by emphasizing the sense of collectivity, it serves both as commentator (like the ancient Greek choir) and moderator of the events. The orchestra setup is organised in several layers: old instruments (harp, lute) and new (electric organ, synthesizer)
Kanconijer , Leute moj

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