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Year composed


Scored for

Piano and String Quintet


12 minutes




Premiered in Zagreb, Croatian Music Days, DEC 13 1977, Zagreb Piano Sextet

Program notes

Original title:  Metamorfoze

The piece is structured as a theme with seven variation, the material of which, in its varied forms, alternately, in contrast or complementarily, will occur equally in the piano and in the ensemble parts. Their relationship is characterised both by chamber and concertante expression. The theme is lyrical and brought by the piano. First variations puts emphasis on the strings with a strongly rhythmical aspect, the second is more harmonical in the piano part, The third variation is brilliantly developped in a continuous conversation between piano and strings. The fourth variation is a piano cadenza and the fifth gives an almost baroque impression, with its imitations and vibrant rhythm. The sixth variations is the real finale of the piece, while the last variations serves as the coda, a remiscence of the beginning. (From the booklet of 2006 Osor Musical Evenings)

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