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Cover Sheet Music All Saints Day

All Saints Day for mixed choir

Dyration: 8'30


The intertwining of folklore and historical motifs of our region permeates that part of Kuljerić's oeuvre inspired by the secular poetry of Croatian poets, in this case the ideas of death, destiny and irreversibility. The fluid lyricism of the poetic expression, with a peculiar blend of the real and the fantastic, is a small but striking part of his diverse opus.
The beauty of the lyrics is that they are written in the dialect of Northern Adriatic coast and islands to which Kuljerić could strongly relate. The music for Nazor's songs Galiotova pesan and Seh Duš Dan reflect the composer's coexistence with tradition and contemporary musical currents, but also the search for new sound combinations.
All Saints' Day sings of the Day on which we remember the dead. This one is very intimate since it brings the intimate pain of the mother who lost her son. Some of the most powerful moments are the images of the rosemary she has planted by the grave, candles and prayer in contrast with the dark visions of the black bird, the symbol of death. The song ends with a transcedental lullaby.



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