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Cover Sheet Music Garland

Garland n°2 / Mallet percussion ensemble

The Garlands is a series of 15 vocal rhapsodies inspired by various popular melodies from the Balkan region written by the famous Serbian composer Stevan Mokranjac (1856-1914).


He was an important cultural figure in the Austro Hungarian Monarchy, the conductor of the biggest choral society in Belgrade and among the first melographers of Orthodox Church chants.




Rukovet is the garland that a girl makes from the most beautiful flowers for her love. This poetical explanation symbolizes the compositional style of Mokranjac, choosing the most beautiful songs and putting them together in an exquisite garland.


Second Garland is dominated by a lyric, pastoral mood. After the baritone solo (Mara of Resava) the Garland ends with the cheerful, spirited In Budim Town where Mokranjac gives reign to his sense of humour.



Level : easy/intermediate

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