Requiem / piano reduction

Duration 60 minutes

Glagolitic Requiem refers to the intentional blending of Glagolitic melisma from the entire Croatian Mediterranean circle (from Pazin to Kotor...) with the architecture of form of the Latin Requiem and its unique arch of dramatic composition. Including all the other influences that this coastal region has so fruitfully absorbed. The piece draws from the many echoes of musical styles found in the depths of the unconscious, with no intention of quoting or rewriting within the familiar patterns of ancient musical traditions. It relates to the layers that are detached from the conventions of traditional practice.

The structure is divided into 6 basic parts that guide the proceeding of the ritual, with the characteristic movements: REQUIEM, KYRIE ELEISON, DIES IRAE, TUBA MIRUM, PIE JESU, LACRIMOSA, SED SIGNIFER SANCTUS MICHAEL, SANCTUS, OSANNA, AGNUS DEI, SALVA ME


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