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Cover Sheet Music Three Roumanian Songs

Three Roumanian Songs for flute, tuba and choir

Duration: 14'


The spaces through which the Danube flows have always been defined as crossroads of different musical ways.

"Romanian music is a very complex phenomenon ... It is a mixture of Arabic, Slavic and Hungarian music ... However, it has an atmosphere of uniqueness, an atmosphere that cannot be defined in words ..." wrote the composer George Enescu in 1921, emphasizing the mix of different influences, often very distant from each other. The constant invasions and reshaping of countries, as well as clashes of the two worlds: Latin-Orthodox and Turkish-Islamic, nurtured the musical sensibility. This sensibility is shaped by the rhythm of human life, changes of sun and moon, seasons ... it is inspired by the cult of the earth and rituals, birth and death, love and warfare.


I Mama

II Le agane te frantulita

III La drum



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