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3(3.=picc).3.3.3./ Perc.2 Pno.Hp./Strings

10 minutes



Risuono di Gavotta is a commission of Radio Zagreb. The piece was premiered in Zagreb on APR 3 1986, with Zagreb Symphony Orchestra RTZ and conductor Zoran Juranić

Program notes

"The unusual title of the piece is intentionally playing with its various implications/meanings. Is it replay or resonance of a gavotte…

The musical material is based on a 16 bars long two voiced melody, a gavotte theme which I had composed in its initial form in 1967 as incidental music for the theater play Hamlet performed in the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. This short theme, made of two musical sentences, and its specific interval progression, were crucial to the composing process and building of the main musical structure. The melodic and rhythmic developments create a specific musical form. The time of composing this piece coincided with my reading of “In the name of the rose” by Umberto Eco, more specifically with my interest in author’s explanations and reflections connected to the creation of his book and to the presence of general disorientation in our post-modern society. I could say that there is an indirect link between these thoughts and the composition.

On the other hand, I was interested in finding techniques to deal with the anachronisms in music, in order to create new content.

Probably the truth is that this little theme that I composed 20 years ago had enough creative potential that I could not forget it."


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