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Versions for: Pno/Pno Four Hands/Mba Duo/String Orch./Wind Orch./Flute Quartet



8 minutes

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Version for Piano Four Hands was premiered by the composer and his wife Vanja Kuljerić in 1982, in a TV show.

Version for Wind Orchestra in Split National Theater, MAY 22 1997

with Croatian Navy Wind Orchestra and the composer conducting

Version for String Orchestra hasn't been officially premiered yet.

Version for Piano Solo was premiered by Zrinka Ivančić in Zagreb, OCT 13 2003.

Version for Flute Quartet in 2012 by 4 Syrinx.

Version for Two Marimbas (arr INK Experiment duo) by the duo on Apr 15 2015 in Paris. 

Silba Dance Flute Quartet
00:00 / 05:39

Program notes

Original: Na način Silbanskog tanca

"The basic musical elements are taken from a folk dance of the Island of Silba. Originally, it was performed on a folk instrument called "lira" (short-necked lute type of chordophones), similar to the "lijerica" from Dubrovnik. . I drew inspiration from those original interpretations that I had heard in my childhood since later performances switched to accordion and lost all its authenticity.

To compose the piece I followed the resonances created by the sound of the simple, yet powerful instrument and the image of circular motions to recreate the magic of the dance ritual. " (I.K.) 

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