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Year composed

Scored for





String Quartet

8 minutes


Premiered in Zagreb on FEB 3 1981 by Zagreb String Quartet. 

UNESCO Award in 1982

CD Zagreb String Quartet Classical Garden (Spona, 2018)

Kuljeric SONG
00:00 / 07:47

Program notes

Original: Song

The results of my research in the Electronic Studio in Milan, were first used to create the composition Folk Art, which used electroacoustic transformations of original recordings of ancient folk rituals from a certain part of the Balkan Peninsula.

The composition Song means a step further in that direction. Song filters and develops these experiences, reducing the material of the composition to two fundamental elements of South Slavic folklore. These are: a characteristic song or chant whose melodic line follows a certain interval model and a rhythmic pulse corresponding to it, modeled on the idea of fiddle in folk music. They condition both the basic nucleus of the composition and its shape as a whole. (I.K.)

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