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Year composed

Scored for





Soprano and Piano

8 minutes

Premiered in Pula, NOV 9 2000, Antonija Boroša, soprano, Mario Čopor, piano

Program notes

Original: Dvije pjesme za sopran


“The songs are written on the verses of Katarina Zrinska (Pain is mine…) and Fran Krsto Frankopan (Flowers…), and are connected by the same emotional state: a feeling of deep sadness and hopelessness. The realization of the inability to influence destiny makes this sadness and pain obsessive and metaphorical. The music contemplates on the psychological states, gazing into the very depths of the poetic word, seeking to reveal the subtlest vibrations hidden in the verses of the two poets, sister and brother, in expectation of their tragic fate.”

( I.K. 2000)

Frankopan was a 17th century Croatian nobleman who was sentenced to death for conspiracy against the Habsburg (known in the history as the conspiracy of Zrinski & Frankopan families). He was held captive for a year, awaiting execution, and his family, mother and sister Katarina, deprived of all posession and locked up. The poems were written during their captivity and found in their mutual correspondance.

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