Opera and ballet


Catherin of Zrin, opera unfinished (2006)


Animal Farm, opera fable (2003)


Riky Levi, ballet (1991)

Richard III, opera (1987)

Fly, tape music for contemporary dance (1986)

Plays in collusion, tape music for contemporary dance (1986)

Circulations, tape music for contemporary dance (1981)

Folk art I, tape music for contemporary dance (1978)

The Power of Virtue, opera (1977)

In the last role, ballet (1965)

Evening News, ballet (1963)

Choir / with orchestra

Croatian Mass / for soloists, choir and orchestra (2006)

Stabat mater / for mixed choir (2003)

Osor / for mixed choir (2002)​

Cyclamen /for mixed choir (1998)

Croatian Glagolitic Requiem / for soli, orchestra and choir (1996)

*Revised version (1999)

*Chamber version for soli, choir, percussion and organ  (2002) 

Christmas Dream / for choir and wind orchestra (1995)

Prayer / for choir (1995)

The Dawn / for mixed choir and piano (1994)

Three Roumanian Songs / for mixed choir (1993)

Zadar Acclamations / for mixed choir and organ (1993)

Dream Music, for soli / percussion, piano and choir (1993)

God Bless Zadar / for women’s choir a cappella (1989)

*version for mixed choir (2004)

Cross Give Us Mercy / for male choir (1989)

All Saints’ Day / for mixed choir (1983)

Kanconijer (revised version) / for soli, choir and orchestra (2001)

*Kanconijer for voices and instruments (1983)

*Leute moj - first version (1978)

Mourning Song / for mixed choir and 2 pianos (1983)

Sea, for girls’ choir a cappella (1983)

Galeotova pesan / for mixed choir and timpani (1976)

Crn bel / for mixed choir (1974)

text Fran Galović

V megli / for mixed choir a cappella (1973)

*revised version (1978)

Balade Petrice Kerempuha / for 3 choirs, 3 orchestra groups and an actor (1973)

Quam pulchra es…(Ommagio a Lukačić) / for mixed choir, keyboards and percussion (1973)

*version for mixed choir (1972)


Bel kamen kampanela, for symphony orchestra (2006)

Five Scenes from ballet Riky Levi, for symphony orchestra (1999)

Chanson triste, for strings /theme from the ballet Riky Levi/ (1998)

Serenade, for mandolin orchestra (1997)

Silba Dance, for wind orchestra (1997)

Instrumental Transformations of An Old Croatian Folk Song, for tambouritza orchestra (1988)

Risuono di gavotta, for symphony orchestra (1986)

Choral Ouverture, for symphony orchestra (1980)

*Choral Ouverture (version 1997), for symphony orchestra

Les Echos II, za simfonijski i jazz orkestar (1976)

Per archi, for chamber orchestra (1972)

Continuazioni, for symphony orchestra (1970)

Sequences, for chamber orchestra (1968)

Concerto for French Horn and Strings (1967)

Ballet Suite No. 2/from In the Last Role/, for symphony orchestra (1965)

Concert Ouverture, for symphony orchestra (1964)


Ballet Suite No. 1/from Evening News/, for symphony orchestra (1963)

Simphonic Variations, for symphony orchestra (1963)

Concertino, for strings (1962)​

Solo Concerto

Folk Art III /  for piano and flute orchestra (2005)

Pop Concerto / for trumpet and orchestra (2003)

Concerto for Ivana / for marimba and orchestra (2001)

Barocchiana / for marimba and strings (1995)

Concertpiece in D / for flute and orchestra (1988)

Figurazioni con tromba / for trumpet and strings (1971)

*version for trumpet and jazz combo 1971/1972

*version for trumpet and symphony orchestra 1976

Solo – Tutti / for piano and symphony orchestra (1972)

Solo Pieces

Waltz, for piano (2005)

Arabesque on a melody by G. Rossini, for piano (2003)

Silba Dance, for piano (2003)

Barrochiana, for marimba solo/co-author Ivana Bilić (2001)

Variazioni su una melodia croata, for harpsichord (1998)

Psychodelic, for a multiinstrumentalist (1991)

Lied ohne Worte, for marimba (1991)

Double play, for double bass (1978)

* version for double bass and ensemble 

Chopin op.17 br.4, for piano (1978) 

Incontri, for piano and tape (1971)

Situazioni, for harp (1973)

Momenti for Vlado, for piano (1968)

*version Momenti II za Vladu, for piano (1973)

Sonatina, for piano (1963)

Passacaglia, for piano (1961)


In the Garden of the Clown, for flute, tuba and piano  (2005) 

Dies irae, for piano trio (2005)

Cantus (16 Transformations on a Croatian Song from Međimurje), for violin and piano (2005)

Appassionato /Milonga pour Borges/, for cello ensemble (2004)

Pan flute, for flute and harp (2004)

Folk Art II (co-author Ivana Bilić) for marimba and strings (2003)

Our Father. for bass and piano (2003)

To the Dear Unborn, for barytone and chamber ensemble (2002)

Pater noster, for piano trio (2001)

Two songs ,for soprano and piano (2000)

Variations for two double basses /on a theme from ballet Riki Levy/ (1998)

Chopin op.17.br.4, for vibes and flute (1997)

Three Postcards from the ballet Riki Levy, for saxophone quartet (1993)

Alleluia, for piano trio (1991)

Chaconne, for percussion quartet (1990)

Valcer (D9-G9), for vibes, marimba, clarinet and keyboard (1989)

Tea for Two, for violin and piano (1989)

Toccata, for vibes and piano (1988)

Silba Dance for piano four hands (1982)

Dessin, for flute and piano (1981)

*arranged by Ivana Kuljerić Bilić for flute and vibes

Song, for string quartet (1981)

Duetto for harp and english horn (1978)

Metamorphosis, for piano sextet (1977)

2+12 for viola, cello and chamber ensemble (1976)

Sustained Sound, for strings (1975)

Les Echos I, for chamber ensemble (1975)

A 3 for violin, cello and piano (1975)

Canto e danza for flute and piano (1974)

A 5 for wind quintet (1973)

Solo in quartetto for piano and string quartet (1972)

Solo – Solisti for piano and strings (1972)

Impulsi II for string quartet (1971)

Impulsi I, for string quartet and tape (1969)

Incidental & Film Miusic

Music for the opening ceremony of Universiade 1987


Music for the Opening Ceremony of Winter Olympics in Sarajevo 1984


Music for the Opening Ceremony of  Split Mediterranian Games Split 1979


Long Black night, movie (2004)

The Sunken Cemetery, movie (2002)

Christmas in Vienna, movie (1997)


Countess Dora, movie (1993)


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