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CHOPIN OP.17 NO.4 (version for solo piano/ version for flute and vibes)

Year composed


Scored for

Piano/Flute and Vibes


10 minutes




Version for piano and dance, under the name Mazurka, premiered 1978 

Version for flute and vibes premiered in Opatija Music Festival, NOV 14 1997,  Ivana Kuljerić Bilić, Ana Domančić 

CD Follow me, Ivana Bilić, Vanja Kuljerić (Cantus, 2002)

CD Dessin, Ivana Bilić, Ana Domančić (a classic 2010)

Chopin, op 17, br. 4
00:00 / 12:30

Program notes

Original: Chopin op. 17 No. 4


"Vibraphone and marimba - those singing percussions - always drew my attention. For this piece I used the ideas I had previously penciled in the 70ies with the Mazurka for piano solo, the principal of reshaping as the essential compositional procedure. It is an obsessive memory of my own youthful days when piano and Chopin have been my everyday partners. Fascination with that very piece grew into an imperative: techniques of quoting and dissolving of selected and meticulously elaborated edits and mixes deals exclusively with tones and intervals which shape contours to the ailing atmosphere of Chopin's Mazurka." (I.K.)

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