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Pan Flute

pan flute kuljeric cd.jpg

Slow motion -Tamara Coha MandićDiana Grubišić Ćiković ‎ 

(Croatia records, 2008)

Pop Concerto /  For Trumpet And Orchestra

pop koncert igor.jpg

Petar Obradović ‎– Pop-Koncert

(Cantus, 2006)

In the Garden of the Clown

clown igor.jpeg

Various composers

In the Garden of the Clown (Cantus, 2006)



Various composers

Katarina Krpan, 3/4 (Cantus, 2005)

Arabesque on a Melody by G. Rossini

ida gamulin arabesque.png

Italian capriccio (Croatia records, 2005)

Waltz (D9 – G9), Concerto for Ivana (Marimba concerto),

Five scenes from the Ballet Riky Levi

composers igor.jpg

Igor Kuljerić Croatian Contemporary Composers

(Cantus, HDS, HRT, 2003)

Folk Art II / for Marimba and Strings

rucner igor.jpg

String Quartet Rucner: The Four Seasons

(Cantus 2004)

Long Dark Night 

long dark night.jpg

Movie Soundtrack

(Croatia records, 2004)

TOCCATA for vibraphone and piano, CHOPIN op 17, br. 4 for vibraphone and flute, BAROCCHIANA for marimba solo 


Various composers

Follow me - Ivana Bilic

(Cantus, 2002)

Chanson Triste

 nocturno igor.jpg

Varaždin Chamber Orchestra-Nocturne

(Cantus, 2001)

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