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Pan Flute

CD Cover Music for Flute and Harp

Slow motion -Tamara Coha MandićDiana Grubišić Ćiković ‎ 

(Croatia records, 2008)

Pop Concerto /  For Trumpet And Orchestra

CD Cover Pop Concerto

Petar Obradović ‎– Pop-Koncert

(Cantus, 2006)

In the Garden of the Clown

CD Cover Music for Flute and Tuba

Various composers

In the Garden of the Clown (Cantus, 2006)


CD Cover Music for Piano solo Waltz

Various composers

Katarina Krpan, 3/4 (Cantus, 2005)

Arabesque on a Melody by G. Rossini

CD Cover Ida Gamulin

Italian capriccio (Croatia records, 2005)

Waltz (D9 – G9), Concerto for Ivana (Marimba concerto),
Five scenes from the Ballet Riky Levi

CD Cover Igor Kuljeric

Igor Kuljerić Croatian Contemporary Composers

(Cantus, HDS, HRT, 2003)

Folk Art II / for Marimba and Strings

CD Cover Rucner Quartet

String Quartet Rucner: The Four Seasons

(Cantus 2004)

Long Dark Night 

CD Cover Movie Soundtrack

Movie Soundtrack

(Croatia records, 2004)

TOCCATA for vibraphone and piano, CHOPIN op 17, br. 4 for vibraphone and flute, BAROCCHIANA for marimba solo 

CD Cover Ivana Bilic

Various composers

Follow me - Ivana Bilic

(Cantus, 2002)

Chanson Triste

 CD Cover Chanson Triste

Varaždin Chamber Orchestra-Nocturne

(Cantus, 2001)

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