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Year composed



25 minutes

Scored for


Soprano, Barytone, 2 Percussion (Mba, Vb) and Piano

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Text by Ene Kišević with whom he had other successful collaborations. Premiered in Zagreb, on APR 4 1993, at Zagreb Music Biennale - Tihana Herceg, mezzosoprano, Josip Lešaja, barytone, Ivana Kuljerić, Elvira Happ, percussion, Vanja Kuljerić, synthesizer, Ljubomir Gašparović, piano, Croatian RTV Choir, conductor: Igor Kuljerić

Dream Music
00:00 / 21:42

Program notes

Original: Sonata od sna


Dream Music is written on the lyrics of a three-part poem by Enes Kišević entitled Sonata od sna. My associations also led to Beethoven's Sonata quasi una fantasia. The initial bars taken from the Sonata are not just a quote, more of a motto and guideline. These excerpts introduce the atmosphere of the piece and point to its structural and musical elements … The other association goes towards hyperrealist images and pop art, all the way to Andy Warhol. (I.K. 1993)

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