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Choir/ Choir with Orchestra

CROATIAN MASSfor Soli, Choir and Orchestra (2003)

GLAGOLITIC REQUIEMfor Soli, Choir and Orchestra (1996)

*Revised version (1999)

*Chamber version for Soli, Choir, Percussion and Organ  (2002) 

CHRISTMAS DREAMfor Choir and Wind Orchestra (1995)

MUSIC FOR OSMAN, for Soli, Choir and Orchestra

KANCONIJER (revised version) / for Soli, Choir and Orchestra (2001)

*Kanconijer for Voices and Instruments (1983)

*Leute moj - first version (1978)

BALLADS OF PETRICA KEREMPUHfor 3 Choirs, 3 Orchestra Groups and an Actor (1973)




STABAT MATERfor Mixed Choir (2003)

OSOR, for Mixed Choir (2002)​


PRAYER, for Choir (1995)


DAWNfor Mixed Choir and Piano (1994)

THREE ROUMANIAN SONGS, for Mixed Choir (1993)

ZADAR ACCLAMATIONSfor Mixed Choir and Organ (1993)

DREAM MUSIC, for Soli, Percussion, Piano and Choir (1993)

GOD BLESS ZADARfor Women’s Choir (1989)

*version for Mixed Choir (2004)

CROSS GIVE US MERCYfor Male Choir (1989)

ALL SAINTS’ DAYfor Mixed Choir (1983)

MOURNING SONGfor Mixed choir and 2 pianos (1983)

SEA, for Girls’ Choir and Tape (1983)

SONG OF THE GALEOTTO (GALEOTOVA PESAN), for Mixed Choir and Timpani (1976)

CRN BELfor Mixed Choir (1974)

IN THE FOG (V MEGLI)for Mixed Choir a Cappella (1973)

*revised version (1978)

QUAM PULCHRA ES…(OMMAGGIO A LUKAČIĆ), for Mixed Choir, Keyboards and percussion (1973)

*version for Mixed Choir (1972)​

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