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8 minutes/6 minutes/8 minutes

Scored for


Girls' Choir/Mixed Choir/Mixed Choir and Piano



All three songs are dedicated to the City of  Zadar where Kuljerić spent his school years and bear witness of the City's long and culturally important history.
God Bless Zadar - Lyrics: Anthology of old Croatian Poetry by Rafo Bogišić. Premiered in Zadar, 1989 by the Blagoje Bersa Music School Girls Choir, conductor: Antun Dolički) /version for mixed choir - Mixed Choir Zoranić, conductor: Antun Dolički, DEC 16 2004 in Zadar
Zadar Acclamations - premiered in Zagreb, MAY 13 1993, Croatian RTV Choir, conductor: Igor Kuljerić
Dawn - lyrics: Petar Preradović/for mixed choir and piano. Premiered in Zadar, OCT 13 1994, Choir HPGD Zoranić, conductor: Antun Dolički)
CD 90 years of Croatian Choral Society Petar Zoranić (Orfej 1997)

God Bless Zadar 1416
00:00 / 07:56
Zadar Acclamations
00:00 / 05:21

Program notes

Original: Blagoslovi Bože Zadar/Zadarske aklamacije/Zora puca

God Bless Zadar - a beautiful dedication to the city of Zadar. The text by an unknown author, with its structure, determines the compositional approach to both the form and the elaboration of cells, motifs and sentences. With their repetitiveness and minimal rhythmic changes and melodic shifts, they leave a minimalist impression only in the structure, while the sound image is quite the opposite - rich, luxurious and likable. 

“I searched for a text that would relate the history of Zadar and found it in the Anthology of Old Croatian Poetry. This text intrigued me with its freshness, fluidity, its connection with our contemporary times. In addition to its spiritual horizon, the song offers a valuable cross-section through the social and economic structure of Zadar's population. It is a confirmation of the authenticity of our presence in those areas. The composition itself is based on its two sources: medieval / renaissance old tonalities and Glagolitic folk singing.” (I.K. 1989)

Zadar Acclamations - free artistic restauration of old scripts and melisma from the XI century certificate of king Petar Krešimir IV granting estates and protection to the St  Mary's convent which stands in Zadar to the present day

Dawn - Preradović's vigil was published in the editorial of the magazine Zora Dalmatinska, which began to be published in 1844 in Zadar.

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