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Tr solo (Picc, bugle horn).4 (4=Picc). 4. 4. 4. / 2 sax.a. 2 sax.t. sax.b. /4. 3. 3. 1. / 3 Perc. Tmp. Hp. 2 Kbd. / strings (version 1976)

15 minutes


The piece was commissioned by Zagreb Radio Television  for classical and jazz trumpet player Stanko Selak who premiered it in 1971 at Opatija Festival with Zagreb Philharmonic and Mladen Bašić; the version for trumpet and jazz combo was premiered in 1972; the version for trumpet and symphony orchestra 1976 with the Symphony Orchestra of RTZ and conductor Jindrich Rohan

Figurazioni con tromba jazz version
00:00 / 13:51

Program notes


Year composed


 "… This piece was commissioned for trumpet player Stanko Selak, who is familiar with many different types of trumpets, which gives a variety of sounds and expands the tonal range. Knowing Selak as an excellent jazz musician, I created several improvised situations..."

In addition to the use of several types of trumpets, the solo section requires a quick change of various sordines and a specific trumpet technique both in the treatment of individual virtuoso elements and in the use of the widest range of colors. In one cadenza the soloist performs percussive sounds (amplified with a microphone).

In addition to the two electric guitars, the orchestra is divided in three blocks: wind instruments 5( saxophones, 5 horns, 3 trumpets and 3 trombone), percussion (one group produces only noise, and the other tone and noise) and strings  (20 violins and 10 cellos).

Small musical cells are being exchanged between the soloist and the instrumental groups. This seems to emphasize the element of "play" and rapid sound transformation, encouraging the soloist to virtuosity not only in terms of technical prowess but also in the subtle nuances of sound. The soloist, like a jazz musician, is forced to develop his own expressive color of the instrument he uses. There are two more versions: one for a smaller ensemble and the other for the whole orchestra, including the instruments listed above.

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