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Cover Sheet Music Dream Music

Dream Music for Soli, Piano, Percussion, Synth and Choir

Duration: 25 minutes


Dream Music is written on the lyrics of a three-part poem by Enes Kišević entitled

Sonata od sna. My associations also led to Beethoven's Sonata quasi una fantasia.

The initial bars taken from the Sonata are not just a quote, more of a motto and

guideline. These excerpts introduce the atmosphere of the piece and point to its

structural and musical elements … The other associations go towards hyperrealist

images and pop art, all the way to Andy Warhol. (I.K. 1993)

The lyrics talk about love and of life, the life that goes by like a dream. In his

instrumentation, Kuljerić is both romantic and postmodern, with a colorful

atmosphere that draws from the conversation between marimba, vibraphone and

piano. Synthesizer and percussion keyboards give a different frame to the famous

bars from Beethoven’s Sonata, in the idea of pop art.



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