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Scored for

Piano with String Quartet/Piano with Strings/
Piano with Symph. Orch - 3(III=Picc).3.3(III=B.Cl).3(III=C.Bssoon)./ Perc.
2 Kbd.Harp./Strings/Piano with Strings/


13 minutes




Premiered in Zagreb, DEC 22 1972 Vladimir Krpan, piano, Zagreb Philharmonic, conductor: Mladen Bašić

Solo – Solisti, version for piano and strings Zagreb, DEC 1 1972, Vladimir Krpan, Zagreb soloists

LP Igor Kuljerić Contemporary Croatian Composers Series, (Fonoars, Jugoton, RTZ, MIC)

Solo in quartetto, version for piano and string quartet, Zagreb, Croatian Music Days,

DEC 13 1972, Vladimir Krpan, Zagreb String Quartet)

Program notes

The title refers to the process of building both the basic cells of the form and the whole work. The sound material is structured in such a way that it always seeks an answer to the question: how is it possible to harmonize the moment of improvisation, with a constant need for form. Improvisation - as a way of developing given models - takes a leading place in the solo section, requiring the soloist to be actively creative, by which he "pulls" the whole ensemble and in a way "dictates" the value and immediacy of the performance.

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