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Vibes and Piano

9 minutes


Commissioned by Europhonia Concert Series and premiered in Zagreb on OCT 16 1988 by Ivana Kuljerić, vibes and Antun Kraljević, piano

CD Follow me (Cantus 2002) Ivana Kuljerić, vibes, Vanja Kuljerić, piano

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Program notes

Toccata belongs to a particular area of composer’s interest, together with pieces like Chaconne or Risuono di Gavotta which call for some specific musical forms of the past times.

The machine-like persistence of the rhythm activates the basic musical ideas. The ostinato model helps the blending of the two instruments – vibraphone and piano, and changes the dialogue into a monologe. Intensive virtuosity builds the overall harmonical image. The melodical cells are exploring the roots of croatian musical heritage and its deeper slavenic and mediterranean layers.

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